Dr. Anthony P. Cucchi

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Fellowship Trained

Board Certified

Introduction to spine care

The care of patients with spinal disorders can be difficult and complex at times.  This complexity has produced a wide spectrum of providers to patients with spinal disorders.  The providers have become more involved in the care of these patients over time.  Physicians providing treatment include operative, non-operative and pain management specialist.  The different providers can be confusing to patients who suffer from spine disorders.  The following introduces the individuals involved in treating spinal disorders and their roles in these conditions.

Physical Therapists are generally at the forefront in caring for patients with spine disorders.  Depending on the patient's diagnosis, the therapist follow rehabilitation protocols which are spine based.  Generally, most spinal conditions will resolve after approximately four to six weeks of conservative care.

Spinal injections have become an integral part of treatment for patients with spine disorders to assist with pain reflief.  These can be provided by different physicians including Spine Surgeons, Anesthesiologists and Psysiatrists.  Not all patients are candidates for spinal injections and the determining factor can be related to the extent of the patient's disease.

The injections can be diagnostic (Identifying the Pain Generator) and therapeutic (Pain Relief).  Certainly the injections will not cure the underlying disorder but are designed to assist with symptom relief.  The most common spinal injection is an epidural injection.  Nerve block and facet blocks are also utilized in certain situations.

When non-operative measures fail to provide the relief patients are looking for, surgery becomes an option.  Spine surgeons are composed of Orhtopedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons.  Patients should seek out those surgeons whose predominate field of expertise is spinal surgery.

Dr. Cucchi specializes in spine surgery including the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.  He treats adult spinal disorders and delivers care encompassing traumatic, degenerative, pathologic and metabolic problems.  Dr. Cucchi has frequently lectured on current topics in spine including trauma, degenerative disease and minimally invasive procedures to the local community and educational institutions.  Dr. Cucchi has always supported new innovations in spine care and utilizes them in the care of his patients.  For more on Dr. Cucchi please click on the About button at the top of the screen.